Unfortunately, recruiting is currently closed.

Annual Intake

Our annual intake and recruiting process begins in November. We will hold further open evenings in February and March as well as giving presentations at local high schools.

Please contact the unit to register your interest in joining or to find out more information, our contact details can be found here.

Who can Join?


To be eligible to join cadets must be:

  • 13 – 15 years old*,
  • Capable of taking part in most activities, and
  • Able to meet the financial and time commitment costs involved.

*Cadets younger than 13 may join provided they are in Year 9. Cadets may serve until their 20th birthday, however as our new recruits are overwhelming in their first year of high school (13 – 14 years old) we cap new intakes at 15 years old. The later a cadet joins the less opportunities they will have during their time with us.


Adults wishing to contribute to the unit should get in contact with the Unit Commander. Adults may get involved as:

  • Unit Support Committee Members,
  • Supplementary Staff, or
  • Officer Cadets/Commissioned Officers.

All roles are voluntary and due to the nature of the work have specific eligibility, vetting and security requirements.