What’s Air Cadets?

The Air Training Corps (ATC or Air Cadets for short) is the Air Force inspired element of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, a nationwide voluntary youth organisation. We offer training in:

  • Aviation Studies
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Cadet Force Knowledge
  • Dress and Ceremonial Foot Drill
  • First Aid Skills
  • Instructional Technique
  • Navigation
  • Bushcraft & Outdoor Safety
  • Firearms Safety
  • Marksmanship
  • General Service Knowledge
  • Leadership Skills
  • Radio Procedures
  • Public Speaking

Throughout the year this training is put into practice at regular exercises and activities. 

Our Team 

Below are the Officers who make the unit possible. Like all Officers in the New Zealand Cadet Forces, our Officers are all volunteers with careers and families outside the organisation. For the safety and well-being of the Cadets, all Officers must pass a rigorous selection and vetting process prior to receiving their commission. 

Unit Commander

Flying Officer Nicky Beckett, NZCF

FGOFF Beckett joined the Unit Support Committee in 2009, when her son joined the Unit as a Cadet. During her time on the Committee, FGOFF Beckett served as both the Treasurer and Chairperson. In late 2012 she was approached to commission as an Officer, and has made the most of what the organisation has to offer ever since. FGOFF Beckett is married to Warwick with two adult sons.


Pilot Officer Warwick Beckett, NZCF

PLTOFF Beckett commissioned in 2015, having previously served as Chairperson of the Unit Support Committee. As Adjutant, PLTOFF Beckett is responsible for the administration needs of the Unit. PLTOFF Beckett is a Bushcraft Qualified Officer and enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with the Cadets. PLTOFF Beckett is married to Nicola with two adult sons.

Training Officer

Acting Pilot Officer Matthew Harris, NZCF 

Stores Officer

Acting Pilot Officer Shar Hays, NZCF