Recruiting generally runs in school terms one and four (February-March and November-December). New Cadets officially start as one intake at the beginning of each year. 

Please see our calendar for upcoming recruiting evenings. Expressions of interest in joining are still welcome outside of the recruiting periods.


Recruiting Process 

1. Check Eligibility 

Any person between the ages of 13 and 15 years may join. If you are younger than 13, you may join if you are already attending Year 9 at a New Zealand Secondary School. You may continue to serve as a Cadet or Non-Commissioned Officer until your 19th birthday.

2. Contact Us

Contact the Unit to register your interest in joining, our contact details can be found here.

3. Attend a Parade Night

You will be invited to attend a parade night to see exactly what it is we do. If you like what you see you will be invited to complete enrollment forms.


What is the Cost?

There is an annual subscription that covers the operating costs of the Unit. This will be explained to you on your first parade night, including payment options.  

In addition to the annual subscription, weekend camps and activities will come at a small cost. This covers transport, accommodation and meals, and will typically be $20.00 per weekend (approx.).

Do I Need to Buy a Uniform?

No. The Uniforms are provided on-loan free of charge ($500.00+ value). 



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